Leaf Design Ruby Peacock Screwtype Nose Pin



The Pearl Drop Ruby Stone Screwtype Nose Pin is a timeless symbol of sophistication.


Materials used: Brass and Copper, Stone – AD stone, Artificial Pearl , Polish – Premium Matt
Length: Nose pin -1.5 cms
Weight: Nose pin -2 gms
Fastening: Adjustable screw

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Bangle Size Chart
Bangle Size2.
Bangle Size (INCH)
Bangle Size (CM)5.385.76.06.356.67

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The Leaf Design Ruby Peacock Screwtype Nose Pin is a captivating blend of nature’s beauty and elegance. With intricate leaf detailing and a radiant ruby centerpiece, it embodies grace and sophistication. This stunning accessory evokes the majestic allure of a peacock, adding a touch of regal charm to any ensemble, making a statement effortlessly.



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